Do you wish you had a way to control or monitor your household’s energy consumption? If you happen to live in a deregulated area of Texas, you do. Living in a deregulated area means that you have the ability to choose your energy provider, rather than having to utilize the services of just one option.

This causes a competitive market for energy providers, due to the fact that they must compete for your business. The competition means lower prices for you.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best energy plan, or how to find the best energy provider for your family or household, consider some important factors for your decision-making process.

Which companies offer a prepaid electricity plan?

  • One question to ask yourself when wondering how to find the best energy provider is whether or not prepaid electricity plans are an option, or if traditional postpaid plans are the only choice for a particular company’s consumers.
  • Prepaid electricity means paying for power usage before you use it, instead of after the fact, like with a postpaid power plan.
  • Paying for your power ahead of time gives you the ability to monitor your usage in order to avoid going over budget for that particular billing cycle.
  • When you participate in a postpaid electricity plan, you’re paying after the energy has already been used, which means there’s not much you can do about an overly expensive power bill.

How can I save with a prepaid electricity plan?

  • Prepaid electricity plans provided by Now Power Texas, the top provider in the state, come with the utilization of a Smart Meter to track your usage and monitor consumption.
  • Smart Meters are digital devices that record and collect energy data from your home. The energy is usually collected in increments of less than an hour.
  • The data collected is then sent to the power company, where it is used for billing and various monitoring purposes.
  • Customers can use this data to analyze their usage habits in real time, via the display monitor within their home.
  • Now Power also communicates account usage and balance updates to their customers daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the customer’s preferences.
  • You can also save with prepaid electricity plans through a variety of promotionsand special rates. Now Power Texas offers a number of these well-priced perks, like the Smart Balance 30 Plan, the Refer-A-Friend promotion, and more.
  • The Smart Balance 30 Plan offers customers additional savings for simply maintaining a minimum $30 balance on their account. How easy is that?!
  • The Refer-A-Friend promotion rewards customers for sending their friends and family to Now Power Texas.
  • Whatever type of electricity plan you prefer, you’ll always save with Now Power Texas.
  • Now Power firmly believes that EVERYONE deserves access to affordable, reliable electricity. You can get connected with Now Power without worrying about a credit check, deposit, or ID/SSN.

 Do you know what type of electricity plan would work best for your household? Call or visit and see what Now Power has to offer you today.