Free Nights Plan

Now power proudly offers free nights electricity plans to all our customers in Texas. With the free night’s electricity plans, you can get prepaid electricity free nights and weekends service with no deposit required, no credit check, and no long-term contract. The free nights or free weekends energy plans are a great choice for customers that want to save as much as possible while enjoying the full comfort of their air conditioning or heating at night.

Now power provides free nights electricity plans in many Texas cities including Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. With our prepaid, no deposit electricity plan, you can easily switch to any other electricity provider without any inconvenience.


Prepaid Plan

Free Nights Plan

The free nights electricity plans from Now power offers many benefits including:

  • No Long-Term Commitment
  • No Credit Check
  • No ID /SSN Required
  • Instant Savings
  • No Termination Fee
  • Fast and Easy Sign-up

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How Do Free Nights Electricity Plans Work?

Our free nights electricity plans are pay-as-you-go electricity plans and are as simple as they sound. When you sign up for a prepaid electricity plan from Now power you purchase your electricity before you begin using it. You pay for the electricity you expect to use upfront and Now power manages your payments and electricity delivery. You can pay by credit card or by cash at your local check cashing service.

Now power will keep track of your electricity usage and will send you a text message when it is time to purchase more prepaid electricity. This is the easiest way to get a no deposit electricity account with no extra hassle when signing up.

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Additional Plans, Benefits and Rewards

Do you like getting prepaid electricity free nights and weekends? Yes, of course! Then, you will love the Now power benefit of  Free Nights electricity. With our Free Nights plan pay 0.0¢ per kilowatt energy charge Monday-Sunday from 9 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. daily! Choose the plan that works best for you!

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Lokking for no deposit electricity free weekends in Texas. Then contact Now Power today. Now Power texas offers best no deposit prepaid electricity plans with free nights and weekends.

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Our prepaid electricity free nights and weekends plans is one o the best in Texas. Get free nights and weekends electricity with no deposit payments in Texas and enjoy prepaid electricity free nights and weekends

Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Nights plan is an electricity plan that offers customers free electricity during specified nighttime hours. Customers enrolled in this plan can enjoy electricity usage without incurring any charges during the designated free nights period.

With the Free Nights plan, customers receive free electricity during specific nighttime hours, typically from late evening until early morning. The plan has different start and end times for the free nights period, which may vary based on the electricity provider. During this period, the electricity consumed is not billed to the customer, allowing them to save on their overall electricity costs.

To enroll in the Free Nights plan, you typically need to be a residential customer located in Texas. Certain electricity providers may have specific eligibility criteria, so it’s best to check with your chosen provider for any additional requirements. In some cases, customers may need to have a smart meter installed at their premises to accurately track and measure the electricity usage during the free nights period.

Yes, it is possible to switch to the Free Nights plan from your current electricity plan. To do so, contact your electricity provider and express your interest in switching to the Free Nights plan. They will guide you through the process and provide the necessary instructions or forms to complete the switch. It’s recommended to review the plan details, including the free nights period and any associated terms or conditions, before making the switch.

The Free Nights plan offers several benefits to customers. By taking advantage of the designated free nights period, customers can significantly reduce their electricity costs during those hours. This plan is especially beneficial for customers who can shift a significant portion of their electricity consumption to the nighttime hours. However, it’s essential to consider your individual usage patterns and lifestyle to determine if the Free Nights plan aligns well with your needs and routines.