At NOW Power, we know how hard it can be to live on a budget. Your prepaid energy service is a great way to start saving money on your electric bill. Want to save even more money on power? These tips can help you reduce your energy consumption, which is good for your wallet and the environment.

  • Turn lights, TVs and DVD players off when you’re not in the room.
  • Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120º F.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed when using heat or AC.
  • Use a fan to cool down on mild days instead of the air conditioner.
  • Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s dry cycle.
  • Raise the thermostat on your air conditioner when you’re not home. We recommend a setting of 78-80 degrees, plus you could save 7 percent to 10 percent of cooling costs for each degree above 78.
  • Lower your thermostat on your heating system to the lowest comfortable setting. We recommend between 68-70 degrees. Every degree above 70 could increase your cost by 7 percent to 10 percent.
  • On hot days, keep blinds or curtains closed to prevent the sun from heating your house.
  • Keep your fan switch on your thermostat in the ‘auto’ position when cooling for central air conditioning systems. This will give you better humidity & cooling control. Keeping your fan switch in a constant ‘On’ position could cost an additional $25/month on your electricity bill.
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