In a deregulated energy market there are many electricity suppliers. That competition helps drive down prices. When NOW Power buys units of energy from companies that generate electricity in the open market, we look for the best deal. That means you get the best deal, whether you have a prepaid electric plan or a fixed-rate plan.
NOW Power’s Pay-As-You-Go Electricity Plan provides a fast, easy way for Texas residents and business owners to purchase prepaid electricity. You simply pay as you go. $0 deposit. No I.D. No credit check. And no contract. The price you pay for your energy is not based on a forecast model. With our prepaid electric plan you pay only the going rate.

NOW Power customers who chose a fixed-rate plan can “lock in” a set price on each kilowatt-hour for the duration of their contract. That rate is based on a forecast model.

The rates we quote on any given day are ultimately determined by how much we anticipate paying for gas or electricity over the length of the contract. The longer the contract, the more we need to accommodate for a swing in energy prices over that time period.