Feature  Post-paid  Pre-paid 
Requires a SSN Yes No
Requires a Credit Check Yes No
Requires pre-payment up front in
order to activate service
No Yes
Monthly Invoice Yes No
Late Fee Yes No
Low Variable & Fixed Rates Yes Yes
Term of Service Fees
(See Schedule)
Yes Yes
Automated Payments Yes Yes
Online Account Management Yes Yes

Choosing Pre-Paid or Post-Paid Electricity Service

Pre-paid or post-paid electricity – it’s a choice that depends on how you like to manage your money and your electric use.

Traditional post-paid electricity service is when you’re charged for your service on a monthly basis after you use it, so you don’t need to worry about having money for electric service on a daily basis. With post-paid service, a credit check is required and a deposit may be necessary to activate service.

In order to enroll in a prepaid electricity plan, other than needing the new provisioned smart meter that your TDU installed, you only need the ability to receive text or e-mail notifications. Now Power services the CenterPoint, OnCor, AEP North, AEP Central, TNMP, Sharyland and Sharyland McAllen areas.

You can manage your pre-paid service from your phone via text messaging or through email. We’ll send you daily updates about your usage and account balance and whenever your account balance drops below 7 days of estimated usage remaining.

There’s no credit check and no social security number or other personal information needed for pre-paid service. We will need your name, a contact phone number for text messages or an email address, and security information that you’ll provide for account access.

Pre-paid service lets you pay what you want and whenever you want, so there’s no worry about deadlines for monthly bills. With auto-pay, you can use your credit or debit card to automatically pay your monthly bill or charge a specific amount whenever your available balance drops below the limit that you set.

If your local utility has determined that you have a “Critical Care” or “Chronic Care” condition, Now Power pre-paid service is not available to you. If you could become seriously ill or sustain a dangerous or life-threatening condition if electric service was disconnected, you are also not eligible for our pre-paid service.

If you need assistance paying your electric bill, Now Power can provide your recent usage and payment history and work closely with assistance agencies. For a list of assistance agencies, You can go to: http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/ea/index.htm