No Deposit Electricity in Texas

You may have already heard about us. We’re the light company with no deposit, no credit check, and an electricity plan for every budget. If you want the best deal on energy, you’ve come to the right place. Residents in Houston and deregulated areas of Texas can now take advantage of cheap electric power. There’s a plan available near you if you reside in Texas. Check out our electricity plan for more details and find out exactly how much you can save simply by signing up.

No deposit electricity from a prepaid light company like Now Power can help you save hundreds on your electric bill. That’s because Texas electricity providers compete for your business and when you choose a no deposit energy plan, everybody wins. It’s a sure way to get electricity with no deposit, no credit check, and no hassle. That’s what prepaid light with no deposit electricity is all about.

Prepaid Plan

Smart Balance 30

  • Savings per kWh
  • $0 Security Deposit
  • No Credit Check
  • No SSI or ID
  • No Long-Term Commitment

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Why You Should Choose a No Deposit Electricity Plan

  • No Credit Check: Our no deposit plans also come with the benefit that saves people time and trouble. Whether you have no credit or not-so-good credit, it makes no difference. Pay as you go plans are open to you immediately and there will never be a credit check in the future, ever.
  • Pay as You Go: Pay as you go plans are self-explanatory but some people have never heard of this arrangement. Essentially, you pay your electric bill in advance by placing money into your account. That way, you always know how much energy you use because you simply check your balance at any time, any day. You’ll see how much electricity you’ve used up to the minute, how much it cost you, and how much money is still in your account. If you need or want to place more funds into your account, you can do so at any time.
  • No ID or SSN Required: You don’t need identification (ID) of any kind to sign up for your prepaid plans, nor do you need to provide a Social Security number in order to open an account or keep one open. This no-ID feature is very convenient and our customers often point out that it is one of their favorite things about no deposit electricity plans.
  • No Deposit: Prepaid light no deposit accounts mean exactly that. You don’t have to put money down to get onthe plan. You simply sign up and begin saving. Millions of consumers are taking advantage of no deposit electricity for this very reason.
  • No Long-Term Contract:  our programs don’t come with long-term contracts. Paying in advance for electricity before it’s even consumed makes no sense. Plus, that’s just not the way we do business with our prepaid customers. You never have to worry about a contract because there aren’t any.
  • Option for Same-Day Connection: You have the option to get your electricity turned on the same day as when you sign up. That means no waiting for three or four days as is the case with traditional plans. It’s your option to decide when you power comes on.
  • Electricity Usage Tracking: No deposit electricity accounts are ingeniously set up so you can track your usage over time and see when you use less and when you use more. This helps many people plan their spending more accurately.
  • Usage and Balance Alerts: Our plans come with balance alerts and usage charting, so you never have to wonder about how much you have in your account at any given time. Set the alert so you get a text message telling you when you reach a certain dollar amount in your account.

Get Started Today!

You can get started right away on saving money by checking out the Now Power plans in your area. You’ll not only save money with a pay-as-you-go plan for your electricity needs, but will get the Now Power advantage of being able to save as much as $360 per year when you keep an account balance of just $30 on a regular basis.

What does that mean to you in terms of dollars saved? Well, in addition to the major savings, you have no termination fee, no long-term commitment, and absolutely no security deposit. We’ll quickly and simply turn your electricity on whenever you ask us to after you sign up for a plan. Check out our website at for all the details.

Get a No Deposit, No Credit Check Electricity Plan from Now Power

If you’re looking for cheap prepaid lights and have checked out some of the light companies in Houston, Texas, Now Power can solve your dilemma. We not only offer prepaid lights with no deposit up-front, but are the premier no deposit light company in the state. And the best part is, wherever you live, we have plans near you that offer cheap electricity at your convenience.

There’s no reason to pay more than necessary for electricity, so consider choosing a Now Power plan today that suits your usage habits. There are plenty of options to choose from and all come with the simplicity of paying as you go.


How does no deposit prepaid electricity work?

You get a discount on electricity by paying in advance for power and keeping a small minimum balance on your account. There are advantages like no security deposit, no credit check, and no ID required for sign-up.

How do you know no deposit plans are available in your area?
You can visit our website at and simply enter your zip code to see available plans near you. If you live in Texas, we have a plan for you, so be sure to check your zip code. After that, you’ll see a complete listing of all the plans you can choose from and the details about each one.

How much can you save with Now Power?

You can save up to $360 per year just by keeping a small minimum balance in your account. Plus, you’ll have access to rates that are already competitive in price. You’ll be able to save even more because you won’t ever have to pay a late fee, termination fee, sign-up fee, or plan-switching penalty with us.

Who do you call in the event of power outage?

Contact your local energy provider by phone or check their website on your smartphone to see what local areas are affected. Usually, local news and online resources can tell you the cause of a regional or local outage, but be sure to check our website for details specific to our customers.

Do you have to sign a long-term contract?

You never have to sign a contract because all our plans are pay as you go. That means you’re not locked into a strict agreement and can change at any time. The whole idea of pay as you go is that you are only charged for the exact amount of electricity you use in a given month.