Pay as You Go Electric Plan

Electricity providers in Houston, as well as state-wide electric companies in Texas, let new customers choose between prepaid and traditional plans. Rather than receiving a bill every month, pay as you go plans let you decide when and how much to pay, based on the amount of electricity you use and when you use it. You can even set alerts via email or text so that you receive a message when your prepaid account balance falls below a specified amount. You’ll never have to wonder how much is in your account. Nor will you be in the dark about how many days of electric power is left on your meter.

In fact, electric companies in Texas offer consumers all sorts of ways to pay for their monthly utility bills. Houston electric companies are among the best electricity companies with no deposit in deregulated areas of Texas. These prepaid electricity plans offer key advantages, including no credit checks, no security deposits, no hidden fees, and are designed for people who want to save money on their electric bills.

Prepaid Plan

Smart Balance 30

  • Savings per kWh
  • $0 Security Deposit
  • No Credit Check
  • No SSI or ID
  • No Long-Term Commitment

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Why Pay as You Go Is Right for You

The best electricity companies with no deposit in Houston list several advantages of pay as you go for customers who choose this method. It’s easy to decide if pay as you go is right for you. Simply consider all the advantages and see how they stack up against traditional ways of paying for your monthly electricity up front. Here are some of the essential points to remember about pay as you go electric plans, so you can decide for yourself:

  • There are no security deposits required to get your account set up and your power turned on
  • You don’t have to provide any kind of identification (ID), like a Social Security number, in order to become a customer or get started with a prepaid plan
  • Pay as you go plans are also known as prepaid plans
  • There are no credit checks, so you can have no credit, poor credit, or great credit; it makes no difference. Because you’re paying in advance, your credit rating is unimportant
  • There are no long-term commitments as there are with traditional plans. With pay as you go, you simply pay as much or as little as you want into your account and then replenish it whenever it gets low. It’s as simple as that. You’re only paying for the exact amount of electricity you use and never a penny more.

Save Money with No Deposit Prepaid Electricity

You can get significant discounts by maintaining a minimum amount of money in your prepaid account balance. This way, you’re able to take advantage of prices that are about three cents less per kilowatt-hour than traditional plans. How is this possible? It’s easy, as long as you are able to maintain a $30 balance in your account throughout the month. There are two advantages to this way of paying.

First, you will always know, via the text or email alerts, the exact amount of money in your account. So, there’s no question about how much funding you have on hand. Second, you can sign up for Smart Balance 30, which reduces your kilowatt-hour charge by three cents per kilowatt-hour on all the electricity you purchase. So, you can save several hundred dollars per year on your electric bill just by keeping a relatively small balance (just $30) in your prepaid account.

It’s always up to you to choose among the plans available. If you prefer a more traditional set up, where you pay a security deposit and provide ID before getting a plan in your name, it’s your choice. However, millions of Texas residents have decided the best way to save money is to opt for a prepaid plan.

How to Start Prepaid Electric Service

Getting started is easy. Simply contact your provider and let them know you want to sign up for a prepaid plan. You will have to decide at that time how much money you want to place into your account for the initial electricity purchase. When you work with Now Power, we will walk you through the initial account setup and explain everything to you on the phone.

It’s always a same-day service—a “get your lights on today” arrangement—because with prepay, there are no credit checks and everything can be taken care of quickly. And you’re absolutely pre-approved because there is no credit check. It’s the easiest, no-hassle way of getting your lights on without having to deal with ID requirements, security deposits, credit checks, and all sorts of other red tape that typically come with getting your power on. Contact Now Power today and see how simple the whole process is.

Pay as You Go vs. Contract Plans

Consider all the key options about electric companies in Texas before making up your mind. Examine pay as you go plans and understand how they might be right for you. Learn how to save money with no deposit prepaid electricity, how to get a plan started after you make a selection, and understand the difference between pay as you go and contract plans.

If you have been looking for cheap electric companies near you in deregulated areas of Texas, then it’s time to decide whether a prepaid plan is what you want. In the long run, you’ll not only save money with a prepaid plan but you’ll eliminate many of the headaches that come with traditional, post-paid electrical arrangements.

Prepaid electricity Texas plans let you avoid ID requirements, security deposits, credit checks, and other inconveniences. Electricity plans in Houston also allow consumers to sidestep the obligations of long-term commitments. With prepaid plans, you’re literally on a month-by-month arrangement and never have to worry about being “locked in” to a particular pricing structure.

That’s why prepaid electricity Texas plans make so much sense for millions of consumers all over the state. Electricity plans in Houston in which customers opt for prepaid service also offer substantial discounts on the cost per kilowatt-hour, which means even more savings.

If you are looking for prepaid electric companies and cheap electric companies near you, the best electric plan for you might be one of the energy plans Houston companies offer.