Smart Balance 30

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Responsible customers like you deserve more. That’s why Now Power offers a prepaid electricity plan that can save you 3¢ per kWh by simply maintaining a $30 balance in your account. That’s right, a minimal $30 balance can save you up to $360 per year!

That’s what we call a Smart Balance. Now Power’s Smart Balance 30 is a variable rate, prepaid electricity solution for responsible customers who are looking to save money. We give you electricity on your terms, with a $0 security deposit, no termination fees, and no long-term contracts.


Prepaid Electricity Plan

Smart Balance 30

  • Savings per kWh
  • $0 Security Deposit
  • No Credit Check
  • No SSN or ID
  • No Long-Term Commitment

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Save Money With Prepaid Electricity
From Now Power

Save up to $30 per month, or $360 per year simply by maintaining an account balance of $30 or more. No long-term commitment, no termination fee, and a $0 security deposit. We’ll get your power on when you need it! Please refer to our Customer PDFs for additional details.

* Rates quoted are at 2,000 kWh per the Electricity Facts Label for Oncor. Please check EFL for your effective rate.

Disclaimer: This is an advertisement for prepaid electric service. The minimum required payment to establish a connection balance is up to $75. Utility fees may also apply and may increase the total amount that you pay. You can obtain important standardized information that will allow you to compare this product with other offers at New customers only. Offer subject to termination or change without notice and at the discretion of Now Power. A Premium Contact Fee of $2.95 will apply for payments processed via a live agent. Se habla Español. REP #10137 Brooklet Energy Distribution LLC

Consumer Info:

For more helpful information about Smart Balance 30 please visit Customer PDFs.
There you can find documents such as Price History, the Prepaid Disclosure Statement, Your Rights As A Consumer, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prepaid electricity plan?

A prepaid electricity plan is a payment option where customers pay in advance for their electricity usage. Instead of receiving a monthly bill, customers purchase electricity credits or tokens, which are deducted as they consume electricity. Once the credits are exhausted, customers need to recharge their account to continue using electricity.

How does the Smart Balance 30 prepaid electricity plan work?

The Smart Balance 30 prepaid electricity plan allows customers to manage their electricity usage and payments efficiently. Customers purchase electricity in advance, and their account balance decreases as they consume electricity. They can monitor their usage and account balance online or through the provided mobile app. Notifications are sent when the balance falls below a certain threshold, prompting customers to recharge their account to maintain an uninterrupted power supply.

Are there any requirements or qualifications to enroll in the Smart Balance 30 prepaid electricity plan?

To enroll in the Smart Balance 30 prepaid electricity plan, you must be a residential customer in Texas. There are no credit checks or security deposits required. All you need is a smart meter installed at your premises to accurately measure your electricity consumption. If you don’t have a smart meter, the utility company will usually install one for you.

Can I switch from my current electricity plan to the Smart Balance 30 prepaid plan?

Yes, you can switch from your current electricity plan to the Smart Balance 30 prepaid plan. Contact your retail electricity provider and inform them of your decision to switch. They will guide you through the process and provide any necessary instructions or forms. It’s advisable to review the terms and conditions, pricing, and other details of the prepaid plan before making the switch.

What are the advantages of using a prepaid electricity plan like the Smart Balance 30?

Prepaid electricity plans, such as the Smart Balance 30, offer several advantages. These include greater control over your electricity usage and budget, as you can track your consumption in real-time and adjust accordingly. There are no surprises or monthly bills, providing budget certainty. Additionally, prepaid plans do not require credit checks or security deposits, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.