For Texas residents living in deregulated areas, the freedom to select the energy provider of their choice means having the potential to save a great deal of money. How is this possible?

Consumers with a choice in power providers are able to shop around for utility companies that offer the plans, prices, and services that best suit their individual needs. For example, consumers have the option of enrolling in prepaid or postpaid electricity plans.

What’s the difference between prepaid and postpaid electricity? Let’s take a look.

Prepaid vs. postpaid electricity

  • Postpaid electricity refers to the traditional method, where consumers receive an invoice at the end of the billing cycle, usually once per month, after consumption has occurred.
  • Conversely, prepaid electricity refers to a plan in which customers pay ahead of time for utilities, before usage occurs.
  • With the prepaid plan, customers can track their electricity habits in real time with the use of a Smart Meter. A Smart Meter is an electronic device installed in your home that records and collects data.
  • The collected data is sent to the utility company for billing and monitoring purposes, as well as being displayed on a monitor in the customer’s home.
  • Customers can monitor their usage, cutting back when their account balance dips too low or when their usage is too high in a certain area. Customers can add funds to their account to tide them over until the end of the billing cycle if needed as well.

Why is prepaid electricity better than postpaid?

Besides the cash saving potential of a prepaid electricity plan, there are other factors that consumers consider preferable over a traditional postpaid plan.

  • Postpaid electricity plans often offer little to no wiggle room when it comes to paying the bill, as the electricity has already been used once the bill arrives.
  • The transparency involved in prepaid plans puts the consumer in control—not the utility provider. Prepaid electric customers won’t ever go over their budget, as they are in control of how much is spent on their power usage.
  • Prepaid electricity providers, such as Now Power Texas, sweeten the deal even further by offering an array of specials, promotions, and incentives to their customers on a regular basis.
  • From plans like the Smart Balance 30, which rewards customers with additional savings for simply keeping a minimum $30 balance, to the Refer-A-Friend promotion, which rewards you for sending your friends and family to Now Power, they’re always looking for ways to help you save more.
  • The best part? Now Power’s plans aren’t just affordable—they’re easy for everyone to enroll in. No credit check, no hefty deposit to pay, and no SSN or ID are required to sign up for services.
  • Now Power Texas also offers speedy service—you can get connected as early as the same day you sign up.

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