When it comes to saving on electricity, you need to find the best electricity provider Texas has to offer. Have you been wondering how to find electricity providers in Texas that give you the most for your money? Let’s explore what factors you should be sure to include in your search.

Prepaid Electricity Options

  • The first factor you need to include on your checklist when searching for the best electricity provider in Texas is whether or not they offer prepaid electricity
  • One of the best parts of living in Texas is the ability to select your power provider when you live in a deregulated area. Instead of having to use the services of one particular company, you are able to choose which provider’s services best suit your needs, whether that means one company or a combination.
  • Prepaid electricity providers offer the ability to pay ahead of time, helping those who need to set a budget and stick to it.
  • Now Power Texas is a prepaid electricity provider that can get you connected quickly, saving time and stress that often comes with signing up for services with other companies.
  • NOW Power also offers no-deposit electricity, which means that instead of dropping a large sum of money on a deposit on the front-end, you can use that valuable cash toward your first electricity bill, or to pay another important expense.
  • Based on your unique needs and circumstances, NOW Power will get you connected to the provider(s) with the perfect prepaid electricity options for you.

“Smart” Energy Tracking Options

  • Another aspect of a power provider you should be looking for is the ability to track your utility consumption yourself, giving you real-time data as it relates to your home’s energy use habits.
  • Electricity providers that gives their customers access to Smart Meters provide just that—a digital monitor that keeps up with your energy usage, so you can monitor and adjust your habits when needed in order to track upcoming charges and stick to your budget.
  • Smart Meters take the guesswork out of wondering what your next month’s bill may look like—no surprises here!

A Variety of Plans and Packages

  • Additional “good signs” of a Texas electricity provider includes giving their customers options.
  • NOW Power Texas understands that there’s not a “one-size-fits-all” power plan. That’s why they offer an array of specials, packages, and plans that are custom-tailored to your household’s particular energy needs.
  • NOW Power regularly runs specials and promotions in order to help you save money as much as possible, all while providing excellent customer service and quick connectivity capabilities.
  • Speaking of excellent customer service—NOW Power now offers interactive text messaging. All you have to do is send a text to their customer service department, and get instantly connected to a live person, ready to assist you with any power-related needs or questions that you may have.
  • NOW Power even offers tons of tips and tricks to lowering your monthly electricity expenses.

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