The term “Home Energy Score” may sound intimidating, but the meaning behind it is critical when it comes to saving money and energy in your home.

When you want to cut costs related to your monthly power bill, you need to be aware of how energy-conscious your home is—or isn’t!

Being aware of your household’s home energy-saving status is key to keeping astronomical utility bills at bay.

Take the time to review the following information from the team at Now Power Texas, the top retail energy provider in the state.Boost your Home Energy Score savvy and learn how to start saving energy and money right away with these top tips and facts.

Understanding Your Home Energy Score

  • Home Energy Scores were developed by the United States Department of Energy.
  • This system was developed to give homeowners, renters, and home buyers clear, direct information regarding a property’s energy efficiency, as well as energy-saving tips that can be used to lessen a home’s drain on the global energy supply.
  • Given the source, interested parties can also rest assured that the information contained in the score report is credible and accurate.
  • Your home’s score is formulated based on a standard assessment of energy-related factors that allow you to compare a particular property’s efficiency across the current housing market.
    • This information can be key in making sound financial decisions when potentially purchasing a property or making upgrades to boost a property’s energy-friendly features.
  • Homeowners can use tips and tricks tailored to the results on their Home Energy Score report to make crucial changes or updates to their home, resulting in added savings both initially and longer-lasting savings over time.
  • Renters can also use the pertinent information in order to trim their carbon footprint and usage habits as well.

How Can I Improve My Home Energy Score?

Once you’ve received your requested results, utilize that information to your advantage.

  • Resources provided by the Department of Energy (DOE) include guides for locating participating contractors who are capable of making energy-efficient home upgrades, as well guidance on appliances that are Energy Star rated.
  • Energy Star certified appliances work to use less power, lessening your utility usage while also decreasing your overall energy bill.
  • Areas assessed include things like insulation, windows, HVAC units and systems, water heating, thermostat control, meter readings, and more.
    • Reading and interpreting this data correctly gives you areas you can focus on for improving your home’s energy efficiency in a myriad of ways, which will undoubtedly have a major impact on your wallet.

Be Smart with Prepaid Electricity

  • Yet another way homeowners, renters, and prospective home buyers can make smart energy-related decisions is to consider enrolling in prepaid electricity.
  • Unlike the more traditionally known postpaid plans, which require customers to pay for their utility consumption after it has been used, prepaid power plans allow consumers to pay ahead of time.
  • By allowing prepaid customers to “pay as you go,” or setting a predetermined amount they want to pay for their power before it is used, they are much more likely to keep a close and conservative eye on their usage habits.
  • Smart Meters are electronic devices installed in the homes of prepaid power customers. The home’s energy usage is recorded and transmitted to both the customer and power company.
    • The team at Now Power Texas works to closely analyze a home’s usage data in order to formulate helpful, energy and cash-saving tips for the consumer.
  • Consumers can also stay on-top of their usage, scaling back as needed to save more money. Funds can also be added in a snap if needed to tide their account over until the start of the next billing cycle.
  • Prepaid electricity can be highly effective in improving a consumer’s Home Energy Score because it puts the customer in the driver’s seat—not the power company.

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