Decisions, decisions! Choosing the right power plan in Texas’s deregulated energy market can be tricky—but it doesn’t have to be!

Wondering which Texas electricity rate will work best for your budget and household needs? Now Power Texas has got you covered.

Read on for some helpful tips and important facts to consider when you’re shopping for the Texas electricity plan that’s a perfect match for your family and lifestyle.

Explore “No Deposit” Electricity

Prepaid electricity, also referred to as “pay as you go” power plans, provide consumers with a convenient alternative to traditional postpaid electricity methods.

  • With postpaid electricity, the electricity company charges customers at the end of the billing cycle, or after the energy consumption has already occurred.
  • At this point, there is often little that can be done by consumers facing a hefty power bill other than paying the charged amount or risk losing services.
  • Smart Meters are tech-savvy tools that record and transmit a household’s usage data in real time, providing the consumer and the power company with information needed to track and scale back with usage as needed, in addition to analyzing the data for ways to save energy and money moving forward.
  • Account balance information is also readily available for Now Power’s customers, so they can easily and quickly add funds to tide an account over until the end of the billing cycle if the balance dips a little too low for comfort.

Consider Enrollment Requirements

Part of your power plan search should include a review of exactly what requirements your prospective utility provider has for enrollment.

  • Many power providers require a hefty down payment to get started, as well as a valid SSN or I.D. and credit checks.
  • Now Power Texas has an array of plans available for customers to explore and enroll in—including options that DO NOT require credit checks, SSN or I.D., and NO hefty deposit to plunk down on a new plan.
  • Flexibility is a major benefit of prepaid electricity options at Now Power because they firmly believe that everyone has a right to affordable, dependable electricity.

Check into Special Rates and Promotions

  • Is the company you’re considering one that regularly rolls out new promotions, rates, or ways to earn account credits? If not, you’re missing out on a ton of potential savings.
  • Now Power Texas is always looking for new ways to help their deserving customers stick a little extra cash back in their pockets—happy customers, happy life.
  • “Free Nights and Weekends”, anyone? This is just one of the many offerings that the Now Power team extends to their prepaid consumers.
  • There’s more—in addition to special promotional rates on prepaid electricity plans, Now Power offers an added benefit of keeping at least a $30 account balance with the “Smart 30” plan.
  • Customers who maintain a minimum of $30 on their account can save up to $360 per year. Instead of stressing over how you’re going to make ends meet, having extra savings on top of an already affordable power plan is an appealing option to many Texan consumers.
  • Keeping contact with your Now Power team is easy—call, email, stop by one of our convenient payment centers, or try interactive text messaging for fast and effective communication.

When you’re ready to make the smartest switch around, Now Power Texas is waiting to hook you up with fast, friendly, reliable service.

Same-day activation is available, depending on where you live.

If you’re in the market for prepaid power plans with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN or I.D. requirements, visit to start saving today.