Did you know that appliances and electronic devices account for over 45% of a home’s total energy consumption and related charges?

Which appliances use the most energy? The answers may surprise you!

Whether you consider yourself an expert on energy-saving tips or you’re admittedly a beginner when it comes to saving power, check out the best and worst appliances on the market.

The Rundown on the Best and Worst Appliances for Your Power Bill

  • Appliances that are labeled and certified as Energy Star products are the best energy-saving appliances you can get.
    • These products are designed with innovative elements that are guaranteed to drain less energy—and drain less from your wallet.
    • Although Energy Star-rated appliances may have a higher price tag, they more than make up for the additional initial costs with long-lasting energy efficient and cost-saving performance.
  • Dish and clothes washing machines, as well as clothes dryers are among the biggest energy offenders in the average home. Ways you can curb their consumption include only running cycles with a full load and taking care not to use these machines during the hottest times of day.
    • Using these appliances during peak heat hours causes them to burn more energy and, in turn, makes your home’s air conditioning system work harder to cool the house down.
    • It’s also important not to overload these machines, which can cause them to work in overdrive, risking damage to the product.
  • The stove/oven and cooktops are also major energy drainers. As with the aforementioned appliances, avoid heating up your home further during the hottest times of day.
    • For midday food prep, use smaller food heating appliances, like a microwave or toaster oven.
  • Water heaters and refrigerators can cause a huge increase on your utility bill if you don’t use them wisely.
    • Taking shorter showers, filling bathtubs with less water, running cold or warmer water instead of using as much hot, and being sure you’re turning off water when it’s not in use (think washing your face, brushing your teeth, etc.) are all ways to save on your overall water consumption.
    • Saving power with your refrigerator is easier than you might think.
      • Keep the internal temperature set at 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit.
      • Make sure there’s room behind the fridge for air to circulate properly.
      • Keep the door to the fridge closed as much as possible.
        • Allowing the door to stay open while you linger looking at the food supply allows cold air to escape, which, in turn, makes the machine work harder and burn up more energy.
      • Check the fridge door’s seal and be sure it closes completely as another way to avoid cold air’s escape.

Consider Prepaid Electricity

In addition to taking the tips and tricks mentioned above into consideration when it comes to cutting down on your energy-related consumption and costs, you may also want to think about enrolling in a prepaid power plan from Now Power Texas.

  • Prepaid electricity gives customers the option to “pay as you go,” or to pay for power usage ahead of time—before it is even used.
    • Setting a predetermined amount that you’re comfortable with spending on your utility bill makes a major difference in some people’s financial situations.
  • Postpaid electricity plans require payment at the end of the billing cycle, or after the power has already been used. At that point, it is usually difficult to do anything about owing a large amount other than simply paying it or risk losing services.
  • Prepaid power plans also allow consumers to track their energy habits closely thanks to electronic devices called Smart Meters, which feature user-friendly displays as well as real-time recording and transmission of data.
  • That household energy consumption data is sent to both residents of the home as well as the power company.
  • Now Power Texas works diligently to review the data and formulate cash-saving tips customized on your home’s usage details.
  • Get off track in the middle of the month? No problem! Prepaid electricity customers can add additional funds to their account in no time.
  • If you feel like a prepaid power plan may be just what your life—and budget—needs, check out the specials, rates, and promotions offered by the dependable team at Now Power Texas.

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