After a long, hot summer, winter is finally on the horizon.

While a turn toward cooler temps are a welcome reprieve in most parts of the heat-saturated country, saving money on your electric bill is still a concern for many Texans.

Are you looking for ways to lower your electric bill in winter? If so, you’re not alone! Your team at Now Power Texas, the #1 retail energy provider in the state, has rounded up the top winter energy-saving tips to keep you warm and cozy all season long—without breaking the bank.

  1. Keep your thermostat in check.
    • Believe it or not, a lower electric bill in winter is possible—you just need to be smart about setting your thermostat at the recommended temperature.
    • When you’re awake and in your home during the winter months, keep your thermostat set at 68 degrees for the most money-saving results.
    • Before you turn in for the night—or leave the house for work or another extended period of time, set it even lower to start stacking up the energy-saving, cost-cutting benefits.
  1. Layer Up!
    • If you’re feeling a little chilled with the lower thermostat settings, it is the perfect time to throw some extra cozy blankets on your couch or bed.
    • During the daytime, open your blinds or curtains to let some natural heat from the sunshine warm your home—not to mention the feel-good rush you’ll get from a dose of much needed, solar-powered Vitamin D.
  1. Dress for the (Colder) Occasion
    • In addition to adding blankets to your lounging areas, be wise about dressing in clothing and layers that are more conducive to a chillier atmosphere.
    • Bundle up and settle in with warmer socks, jackets, and long-sleeved clothing.
    • Thermal fabrics and other thicker materials will make the winter season a relaxed, comfortable experience in your humble abode.
  1. Close Doors and Vents
    • If you’re like many individuals and families, there are probably certain rooms or areas of your home that you aren’t used very often.
    • If this is the case for your household, conserve extra energy by keeping vents and doors closed in rooms that are empty or unused. This will trap the heat and keep it in the areas where it is really needed.
  1. Curtain Control
    • Just as you will want to open your curtains during the day to enjoy some warmth courtesy of the sun, you may want to invest in a pair of insulated curtains.
    • This is a simple way to trap more heat and keep it circulating where you want during winter weather—around you!
    • You’ll experience a similar benefit of these curtains in the hot summer months.
  1. Seal Leaks
    • Another very important hint for saving energy—and cash—during the winter season is to make sure any air leaks around windows, doors, or other openings to your home are properly sealed and repaired as needed.
    • Don’t let cold, drafty air flow in and add to the outside chill.
    • A professional can also check and add insulation to your home as needed, which is a major way to improve on your house’s heat efficiency.
  1. Check Your Filters
    • This tip is a smart one to follow year-round. Regularly checking, cleaning, and replacing your home’s air filters helps to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning safely and properly.
    • Clogged, dirty vents present a whole host of problems and potentially dangerous issues.
  1. Consider Prepaid Electricity
    • The popularity of enrolling in prepaid electricity plans continues to rise, and it’s not hard to see why.
    • Compared to the traditional postpaid electricity method, in which utility usage is paid for after it has already been used, prepaid electricity puts consumers in the driver’s seat—not the power company.
    • Smart Meters are electronic devices that record and transmit energy usage data to the consumer as well as to Now Power Texas, the latter of which uses the data to analyze and formulate money-saving tips.
    • Consumers can use the data presented right on the convenient, user-friendly monitor to track the energy habits of their household, scaling back whenever necessary.
    • Prepaid electricity affords consumers the ability to pay a predetermined amount ahead of time—before any energy is even used.
    • This method of payment, coupled with the ability to monitor and control usage throughout the billing cycle, allows consumers the tools and motivation needed to stay on-track with the budget they’re comfortable with spending on a power plan.
    • Not only is Now Power Texas the state’s top provider of flexible, affordable, and dependable service options, but they also make it easy to check your account balance and add funds whenever you may need to do so.

Winter is coming! Are you ready to start saving on your electric bill all season long?

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