Are you a renter looking for ways to lower your power bill? If you’ve been racking your brain and asking yourself, “How can I reduce my energy bill?” the team at Now Power Texas is here to help.

We’ve gathered up the top 10 best ways to save on electric bills month after month, whether you rent or own your current home.

If you’re serious about keeping more money in your wallet and spending less on your utilities, read on and consider these smart, savvy ways to save on your electric bill next month.

  1. Explore prepaid electricity—Also called “no deposit electricity,” prepaid power plans offer renters and homeowners the ability to pay ahead of time for their monthly power usage—that is, before it is even used.
    • By paying for power ahead of time, you can track your usage habits throughout the month and cut back whenever you need to in order to stay within your predetermined budget.
  2. Think about how postpaid plans differ—the alternative to prepaid electricity is to enroll in a postpaid plan.
    • This is the traditional electricity billing method, in which consumers pay for their power usage at the end of the billing cycle, after it has already been used.
    • Now Power Texas, the #1 provider of energy in the state, offers amazing rates on prepaid plans—with NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO SSN or ID required.
  3. Be smart about your small business—in addition to unbeatable prepaid electricity options for your home, Now Power Texas can also “power” your small business needs.
    • Saving money on your home utility bill is great, but saving on your company’s electric bill as well is even better!
    • If you own or run a small business, consider enrolling in one of Now Power’s plans that are designed especially with your company’s budget and utility needs in mind.
  4. Don’t let bad credit or “no credit” stop you—Your Now Power Texas team firmly believes that everyone needs and deserves access to affordable power plans that they can really rely on—regardless of a credit score.
    • The Now Power Texas team offers customers plans that are available with NO credit check, NO hefty deposit to plunk down, and NO SSN or ID check necessary to get hooked up with electricity immediately.
    • At Now Power, everyone is approved. Don’t let your financial worries hold you back from reaching out today.
  5. Let Smart Meters keep your usage in check. Technology comes in handy with these digital devices.
    • Smart Meters are electronic devices that record, display, and transmit a home’s utility consumption in real time, allowing both the renter and power company to analyze the usage data efficiently, determining how to save more energy and money.
    • Prepaid electricity consumers can track their usage habits and adjust them as needed to stay on-track with their predetermined budget.
    • The Now Power team will use the information to develop money-saving tips and tricks customized to suit your specific needs.
  6. Take advantage of cash-saving promotions.
    • The Now Power Texas team works diligently to provide customers with as much savings as possible.
    • That includes opportunities to earn and stock up on account credits with the “Refer a Friend” special, as well as earning “Free Nights” of service.
    • The “Smart Balance 30” offer provides discounted electricity rates for simply maintaining at least a $30 account balance. It’s really that easy!
  7. Look for plans with flexibility. Long-term contracts can be expensive to break.
    • One of the most popular reasons customers choose Now Power Texas is because they won’t lock you in to a long-term contract.
    • While many utility companies force you to sign contracts, Now Power Texas knows the financial burden and worry that termination fees and feeling “locked in” can cause consumers.
    • When you join the Now Power family, you’ll never have to worry over contracts.
  8. Save that deposit for a rainy day. Unlike many power providers, Now Power Texas offers plans and amazing rates available without a hefty deposit.
    • Instead of spending a sizable sum on a security deposit, you can use those funds to pay for another expense or save as needed.
    • With Now Power Texas, you are in control—not the other way around!
  9. Find fast service. Not only can you count on Now Power Texas to approve you and find the best plan to match your needs—they’ll get your service activated in no time.
    • Depending on where you live, you can have your utilities turned on with Now Power Texas as soon as the same day you enroll, and in as little as two hours.
    • Whether you rent or own, there’s simply no need to wait days or even weeks to have electricity in your home.
  10. Look for easy account access. Now Power Texas customers never feel out of the loop when it comes to knowing what’s going on with their account.
    • In addition to reading timely usage information on the user-friendly Smart Meter display monitor, consumers can log in and check their account balance at any time.
    • If prepaid electricity customers’ account balance gets a little too low for comfort, not only will they receive an alert via their preferred mode of communication (email, call, or text), but additional funds can be added quickly and easily to their account to tide them over until the end of the billing cycle—hassle-free!

Stuck in the dark? Don’t be! Reach out to the skilled, caring professionals at Now Power Texas and let them hook you up today.

Stop worrying about your credit—Now Power Texas offers reliable, affordable prepaid electricity plans with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN or ID requirements.

Call, email, or log on to and explore your electricity plan options with Now Power Texas.