It is well-known that Texas is a good place for newcomers to thrive and settle. As the second most populated state in the US, Texas has a large land mass, many cities, and beautiful scenery. It is also famous for its fast-growing population and booming economy, so be assured that moving to Texas is a great idea.

In the Lone Star state, countless opportunities and benefits await you. The cost of living is also reasonable in many cities compared to other US states. What’s more? You’d find many energy companies in Texas—which means lower energy costs. No matter your budget or lifestyle, Texas provides an environment where you can live comfortably.

If Texas is on your travel list and you’re wondering what it’s like here, this guide is for you. We will show you things to keep in mind when planning on moving to Texas. You’d also get to know some of the best Texas electricity companies to get affordable energy.

Moving To Texas: Things To Consider Before You Move

  • It Has A Good Number of Safe Cities

Security is one of the top things to look out for when moving to a new place. Texas has safe cities, especially in the West South Central region.

There are more than 20 safe cities in Texas. Trophy Club and Fulshear are a few examples of cities with a low violent and property crime rate.

  • Strong Booming Economy

Regarding economic growth, Texas ranks 1st in the US and 10th largest economy in the world. It comes first in GDP, job creation, population, and business growth.

Texas excels in energy, aerospace, aviation, biotechnology, agriculture, and more. Many energy companies in Texas, like Now Power, are contributing to boosting Texas’ energy sector.

In Texas, you have a higher chance of getting a well-paying job as a remote worker or an employee.

There is also a conducive environment for businesses to thrive better than their competitors.

  • Cost of Living In Texas Is Affordable

In the Lone Star state, the cost of living is more than 5% lesser than the national average. Texan cities like Little Elm, Austin, and Pearland have costs of living around 5% lower. But other cities like Dallas have a 2% higher cost of living. You can spend less depending on where you choose to move.

  • Relatively High State Property Taxes

You don’t need to pay corporate or personal income tax in Texas as an income earner. But you’d find that you have to pay more taxes for owning a property.

Texas relies heavily on revenue from state property taxes. The revenue is used to finance many civic amenities. Some include emergency services, libraries, public schools, police, and community safety measures.

  • Texas Is Known For Rich Sporting Culture

Sports is one of the biggest things in Texas. You’d find out that Texans love sports like football and baseball. Big football teams like Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are some of the most popular football teams in the nation.

Athletically, Texan institutions are one of the nation’s best, with many championships under their belts. Examples are the Texas Longhorns of Austin University and Wildcats of Anile Christian University.

Texans also love other sports like soccer, basketball, and boxing. Rodeo and horse racing are well-known in urban and suburban areas.

  • There Is Affordable Energy In Texas

Texas is big on energy. With a booming energy sector, it produces around 25% of natural gas for the nation. So, Texas can easily supply electricity to its residents at a relatively affordable price.

Also, energy is deregulated in almost more than 80% of Texas. People are free to choose which electricity company to buy energy from.

Many Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) supply electricity for Texans. Due to energy deregulation, there is high competition, and this leads to lower energy rates.

Best Texas Electricity Companies

Now Power Energy

Now Power is one of the best electric companies you can find in Houston, Texas. They are a subsidiary of the popular Brooklet Energy Distribution LLC.

Now Power offers many affordable energy rates in Texas. They also use a prepaid payment model, so you do not need to pay a large deposit. Payment is based only on consumption, so you can refill your balance whenever possible.

Now Power is highly recommended because you can conveniently enroll online to get energy even at $0. If you can’t make a payment, you can still be covered with a deferred payment.
Now Power is perfect for customers who want budget-friendly energy plans. Also, there is no need for an ID or credit card check before purchasing a plan.

Reliant Energy

Reliant energy is a long-standing and reliable REP in Texas. Before the deregulation of energy, they were the sole electricity supplier in Houston.

Reliant Energy offers a wide range of services. Some of them are professional installation, maintenance plans, and more. Although their plans are not the cheapest, they are affordable.

Constellation New Energy

Constellation New Energy is one of the largest REPs in the US. Although based in Texas, they operate in more than ten other US states. Constellation offers services like energy generation, customer supply, mass marketing, transmission and distribution, energy consulting, and more.

Champion Energy Services

Champion energy is a top-rated energy provider in Texas. They also supply energy to other states of the country. Based in Houston, Champion Energy Services provides many retail plans for its customers. They offer fixed-price plans in which the customer agrees to pay an electricity rate for the term of the agreement.

Payless Power

Payless Power offers a simple and convenient way to buy energy in Texas. It is owned by three brothers and is based in Dallas. It only supplies electricity to residents of  Texas.

Payless Power offers prepaid and traditional electricity plans. Prepaid plans are no deposit, no credit check, and are easy to purchase. Traditional electricity plans are billed monthly based on consumption.

Pros And Cons of Moving To Texas


  • No income and corporate tax burden on inhabitants.
  • Many job opportunities in Texas are due to the diversified economy.
  • There are also educational opportunities for local and international students.
  • Affordable cost of living and energy rates. Residents enjoy a deregulated energy market.
  • You can buy your own house. Compared to other US states, Texas offers an affordable home purchase rate.
  • Conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Thanks to the booming economy, Texas is a great place to start and run a business.


  • Texas is prone to extreme hot weather conditions. Summer is the hottest season, with an average temperature of around 90 degrees.
  • The quality of health care is average. There is a relatively high number of uninsured residents.
  • People prone to allergies may not find Texas comfortable.
  • State property taxes are high compared to other US states.
  • The warm weather supports breeding pests, mosquitoes, spiders, and snakes.


With a booming economy and a fast-growing population, Texas is an excellent place for newcomers. Not only is it relatively cheaper to live in Texas, but also, housing is more affordable. There are many job opportunities, no income tax, and many safe cities here in Texas.

Texas energy rates are affordable. It also has a deregulated energy market where you can choose the best REP and the best prepaid energy plans.