Small changes lead to big savings. Saving energy in your home is important, but it  would not hurt to focus on one room at a time. Here a few changes you can make in your bedroom to save energy. Of course unplugging outlets, turning of lights, and preventing air leakage is included, but we have more tricks and tips.

Air Register

  • Ensure vent connections and registers are well-sealed at floors, walls and ceilings, which are all common areas for disconnected ducts and leakage.
  • Make sure all vents are clear of furniture and rugs in order to improve airflow and comfort.
  • Install heat resistant reflectors between radiators and walls to reflect heat back into the room instead of onto walls.

Fireplace energy saving

  • Close the flue damper when not in use to prevent air from escaping out of the house.
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  • A chimney, by design, removes by-products from a fire by creating a draft, which also pulls away air (warm or cool) from your home.
  • As long as there’s a temperature difference between indoors and out, there will be a chimney draft even if there’s no fire in the fireplace.
  • By keeping the damper closed, air-conditioned or warmed air remains in the living space where it belongs.
  • Use a direct vent or sealed combustion gas log unit.