Since the deregulation of the Texas energy market, most of the energy providers offer flexible rate plans such as prepaid and postpaid energy plans. Prepaid energy is a type of energy plan that allows consumers to pay only for the energy you want. Prepaid energy plans help you save money, and avoid long-term contracts and huge deposits as security. It also helps consumers monitor their energy usage and account balances. Prepaid power is a viable option for families struggling with financial challenges. You can purchase a prepaid energy plan by adding even a small amount of money and it requires no deposits, no contract term, and no credit check.

Here are some of the great reasons to choose prepaid energy plans over traditional postpaid energy plans:

Track Your Electricity Usage

Prepaid energy plans provide a daily notification for consumers on their energy usage and account balance. It helps consumers understand how much energy they spend on varied needs. Smart Meters are an energy monitoring device that can optimize your energy usage in 15-minute intervals. It also helps energy consumers to know when they consume more energy and how can they reduce their energy consumption. Smart meters provide low balance notification to remind you when you are running a low balance. The prepaid electricity plan suppliers provide you with helpful low balance reminders and offer the opportunity to get a short extension period if you are waiting to credit your account.

Pay Only For The Energy You Need

If you are a customer of the prepaid energy plan, you don’t need to pay extra fees. When you choose a prepaid plan, it helps you control your energy consumption as per your budget requirements. The prepaid energy plan is a better way to avoid hidden fees in your electricity bill. You only need to pay for the energy that you are using.

No Long-Term Contract

Prepaid energy plans require no long-term contracts with energy suppliers. The deregulation in Texas provides every Texan with the freedom to choose their energy provider.  If you are unhappy with your energy provider, you can enjoy the maximum freedom to change either your energy supplier or your energy plan at any time you want.

Online Account Management

One of the most significant features of the prepaid energy plan is the online account management console. As a customer, you can top up your account, quickly find your balance, and you can also schedule future payments. Prepaid energy is a better way to get clean and affordable electricity at a reduced price without any extra fees.

As a leading energy provider in Texas, Now Power provides flexible energy solutions to their clients through the prepaid energy plan. Our prepaid energy plans are the ultimate in flexibility and you can pay how much you want without any contract term, credit check or ID. If you have a smart meter installed, you are eligible for our prepaid energy service.