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Depending on how you’d like to manage your money and your power use, you can choose between prepaid electricity and postpaid electricity options. In the traditional postpaid electricity service, you need to worry about managing your money spent on electric service every day.

The reason is that postpaid services charge you every month after you consume electricity. In a postpaid (contract) program provided by an electricity company in Dallas, Texas, you pay after using electricity the previous month. To activate this service, you ordinarily need to deliver a credit check ordinarily or a deposit.

Affordable Prepaid Electricity Dallas

On the other hand, no credit check, no social security number, or additional personal information is required for prepaid electric service. Your name, contact phone number, and security information would suffice for your account access.

Prepaid electricity is a method whereby the user pays consistently for their electricity usage. This pay-as-you-go method is designed to allow customers to have control over their electricity consumption and spending. In a prepaid program, you pay a fixed cost at the beginning of each month for a set amount of electricity.

Unlike other providers, which charge you a termination fee of up to $135, Now Power has no termination fees for our prepaid electricity plans in Dallas, meaning you can try the service anytime.

Some of our plans are designed to protect you from market fluctuation (low and fixed electricity rates for 12 months). Residents of Texas can choose from a variety of electricity service options available to them. They have the freedom to pick a plan totally in line with their needs.

Dallas Prepaid Electricity Plans – Compare the Best in Texas

There are many electricity companies in Texas offering a plethora of pay-as-you-go energy plans in Dallas. Therefore, it’s tricky to compare them all and single one out as the best electricity service provider. Here below, three of Now Power’s best prepaid electricity plans in Dallas, TX are explained, allowing you to examine and compare them. They include Smart Balance 30 Plan, Free Nights Plan, and Now Power Protection 12 Plan.

You should make a detailed comparison between the different no-deposit plans in Dallas, Texas. To make an informed decision and find the best plan for your home, you need to review the programs of all power companies. Customers in Dallas, and other cities in Texas, can choose between some of the best prepaid electricity plans in Dallas, both prepaid and regular.

Since Texas is a regulated state, prepaid electricity providers in Dallas do not charge deposit fees. Remember that price is not everything when comparing electricity plans in Texas.

Optimized programs based on your electricity usage habits allow you to get better electricity services from a power company in Dallas. A major advantage of this plan is that it’ll motivate you to be more economical and efficient in your electricity usage.

“Smart Balance 30 Plan” in Dallas

Prepaid electricity programs can help you save in many ways, and it has various significant uses. For instance, did you know that a $30 account balance can save you up to 12 times this amount over a year? Among the best electricity companies in Dallas, Now Power offers a smart plan enabling you to save $3 per kWh or $360 per year if you keep your account balance at $30.

The Smart Balance 30 is a prepaid electricity program with varying costs for responsible consumers who wish to save money. Everyone is pre-approved for this plan, and no one is required to pay a security deposit.

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Some of the further essential benefits of the Smart Balance 30 are:

  • It allows saving per kilowatt-hour
  • There’s no credit check & no long-term contracts required
  • No SSN or ID & no upfront costs
  • No long-term commitments, no termination fees, and no cancellation penalties
  • Signing up is easy
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“Free Nights Plan” in Dallas

As a reputable electric company in Dallas TX, Now Power happily offers a new Free Nights Plan to all our customers. The free nights & weekends energy plan is an excellent choice for saving money and energy as much as possible while enjoying the total comfort of air conditioning or heating at night & weekends. These plans are accessible in many Texas cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. With these plans, you can also switch to any other electricity provider without any inconvenience.

Our Free Nights Plan is pay-as-you-go, meaning you pay for electricity before you use it and can not go over what you’ve already paid for. Considering your expected electricity usage and the plan we offer, you can control your electricity consumption very well and save money. Payment is possible via credit card or cash.

“Now Power Protection 12 Plan” in Dallas

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have experienced a sharp rise in working from home, resulting in a significant increase in their power bills. This can mean a two to three-fold risk since you go from being home in the evenings and weekends to being home nearly 24 hours throughout the week.

You can avoid this situation by opting for a prepaid electricity plan that provides you with a low rate for the entire year ahead. The Now Power’s Protection 12 Plan is designed to meet the stability required in power bills. You no longer need to be concerned about high electricity bills due to working from home by guaranteeing you a low, affordable rate for the year ahead.

Upon enrolling in this plan, you’ll pay upfront for a fixed amount of electricity each month. Moreover, you’ll be able to monitor your electricity usage 24/7.

Save Money With Now Power’s Prepaid Electricity Plans In Dallas

With a prepaid power plan from an accredited prepaid electricity company in Dallas or any other city in Texas, you can get the power you need while having complete control over your electricity bill.

If neither of the above-mentioned prepaid plans meets your needs, there are some additional plan options that you can try. At Now Power, we genuinely care about our customer’s needs. We ensure that you access efficient and reasonably-priced energy/power by offering on-demand electricity, flexible payment options, and top-notch customer service. Please sign up to become more familiar with the variety of our prepaid electricity plans.