With so many of our households depending on electricity and energy to function, the need for more affordable electricity is becoming more and more important. All our appliances, our running water, televisions, mobiles, and even now our cars are becoming dependent on a reliable source of electricity.

However, using that much electricity is a major problem for many Americans. Modern electric plans are expensive and stressful on the average American’s budget. That’s why NOW Power is offering prepaid electricity plans to allow you to feel more comfortable at home and take control of your money.

Since the bill was passed that allowed the Texas deregulation of electricity plans, you control what providers you trust and what energy plans you want. Now, we can all reduce energy costs and choose to live a greener life.

What is a Prepaid Plan?

A prepaid energy plan is a concept where customers pay for their projected energy consumption ahead of time. What this means is that you will pay before your usage occurs, as opposed to the traditional postpaid plan.

What are the Benefits of Prepaid?

A prepaid plan offers great benefits not only for you, but also for our beautiful planet. With a prepaid plan from NOW Power, you can:

  • Track your electricity usage habits with a feature called the Smart Meter.
    • A Smart Meter is an electronic device that is installed in your home to track and monitor the flow and use of electricity. This data is displayed for you, as well as sent to the utility company for billing and monitoring.
  • Monitor your usage to plan for your budget. You can cut down on electricity if your account balance becomes too low or your usage is tracking on the high end.
  • Add funds to your account if you need to before the billing period ends.

With a prepaid plan, not only can you track and conserve power for the environment, but also your wallet too! With no deposit required, a prepaid energy plan encourages customers to cut down on their power usage for affordable electricity and reduce their carbon footprint.

Also, there are plenty of great benefits to a prepaid plan when it comes to applying. With a prepaid plan from NOW Power, you:

  • DON’T need an SSN (Social Security number)
  • DON’T need a credit check
  • DON’T need a deposit
  • DON’T have monthly bills and no late fees
  • Only need a one-time payment to activate the service
  • Have auto-pay options and online account management
  • Have variable and fixed rates available
  • Only have terms of service fees (depending on your provider)

What is a Postpaid Plan?

A postpaid energy plan is most likely the method you are more familiar with. A postpaid plan is where you pay for your electricity usage after a period, meaning that you will have regularly scheduled bills to pay.

Once a month, after your usage has occurred, you’ll receive an invoice with the charged amount for the power you consumed in that month. If you typically consume a lot of power and aren’t concerned with monthly bills, then a postpaid plan could work for you. However, it can be harder to track your usage with a postpaid plan. Most post plans don’t come with the Smart Meter feature, which can lead to some unexpected zeros on that monthly bill.

What are the Benefits of Postpaid?

postpaid plans are becoming less and less popular because of the newly minted prepaid providers, such as NOW Power. However, they still offer some benefits if you’re looking for something more traditional:

  • Auto-pay options are available.
  • You’ll have online account management.
  • Variable and fixed rates are available.

A postpaid energy plan will typically require more than a prepaid plan. A postpaid plan typically requires things like:

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit checks
  • A monthly deposit
  • Late or partial payment fees

Prepaid Electricity vs Postpaid Electricity

With prepaid energy plans taking the market by storm, there are plenty of good reasons for it. With a prepaid plan, you are put in charge of your bills, not the utility provider. Unlike a postpaid, you’ll have more leeway when it comes to paying your bills because of the idea behind a prepaid plan. While your postpaid bill has accounted for your already-used electricity, a prepaid bill can be adjusted to save money on the power you didn’t use. Now, with the further deregulation of energy in the state of Texas, you can choose the benefits that you want for your home.

You can adjust your usage to meet a certain goal rather than saving money every month to pay your fixed electric bill.

Prepaid Postpaid
No Social Security Number Social Security Number
No credit check Credit check
No deposit Deposit
Smart Meter Fixed monthly bill
No late fees Late fees and partial payment fees
Offers like free nights and refer rewards One traditional style of plan


Which One is Right for Me?

Once you know the foundation of each energy plan, now let’s talk about some considerations you should take before you choose the plan that is right for you.

  • How is your budget calculated? If you are used to accounting for monthly, fixed bills, then a postpaid plan might suit you better. But, if you’re the type that wants to save before you pay, then choose a prepaid account. A prepaid plan allows you to control your usage to meet your financial goals.
  • Postpaid plans require on-time, monthly payments with little to no flexibility. This method of payment often gives you very little control over what you pay, especially when adding in other factors like late fees.
  • Prepaid power providers like NOW Power offer several deals and incentives exclusively for their customers. You can earn free electricity nights and money if you refer a friend to NOW Power. You can also accrue monthly savings by maintaining a minimum account balance of $30. Now that’s customer service!
  • The best part of NOW Power’s prepaid movement is the accessibility for everyone. With no Social Security Number or credit check required, anyone can sign up for affordable electricity with no hassle. You’ll relate to reliable power the same day you sign up.

Take back your home financially with NOW Power’s extraordinary range of affordable power plans. Take advantage of the energy deregulation and bring comfort and savings to your home. This prepaid electricity service puts you in charge of your power, no one else. Give you and your family the affordable and trustworthy electric plan that they deserve and sign up for NOW Power today.