As residents of ” deregulated areas “, Texans have the benefit of choosing their power providers.

Although utility bills have not been historically regarded as an area in which consumers can save a substantial amount of money, the competitive market created by energy deregulation has changed this mindset, and the ability to offer flexible payment options and cash-saving plans is on the rise.

If you’re a Texan looking to switch electricity providers, you’re in luck! We have rounded up some top tips for switching electric company services if and when you see fit to do so.

Tips to Switch Electric Company Services

Maybe your monthly bill is too high, or maybe you’re never consistently satisfied with your power plan in Texas—or perhaps both are true!

Either way, when you’re in the market for a new electricity company or a new electricity service in Texas, it’s best to be prepared when making your selection.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Can I switch electric companies?” the short answer is yes!

Switching Electricity Providers :

All you need to switch electric companies—Texas-wide—is to be armed with the facts.

  • If you want to switch electricity providers, consider what each provider has to offer as far as their different plans, rates, and services.
  • Now Power Texas offers prepaid electricity plans for customers looking for a more affordable, flexible alternative to the more traditional postpaid plans.
  • In a traditional postpaid electricity plan, consumers typically use and then pay for their household’s energy consumption at the end of the billing cycle—after it has already been used.
    • At this point, when the energy has already been consumed, customers typically have few options and little “wiggle room” when it comes to payment options.
    • For those who are not looking to save additional funds on their utility bills, the postpaid method usually presents a few problems.
  • However, in today’s economic climate, where consumers across the country are dealing with sky-high inflation and continually rising prices, many people are looking to cut costs wherever possible.
  • Prepaid electricity from Now Power Texas offers consumers the ability to pay ahead of time for their energy usage, or before the power is even used.
    • By enrolling in one of these “pay as you go” utility plans, consumers are in control.
  • They can use the data recorded and transmitted in real-time by electronic devices called Smart Meters to track, adjust, and monitor their household’s energy usage habits more closely, scaling back as needed to stay within their predetermined budget.
  • In addition to consumers monitoring their own prepaid energy data with Smart Meters, your Now Power Texas team is also hard at work, analyzing that data in order to maximize customer savings by developing customized tips tailored to your household’s specific energy habit patterns.
    • The ability to track and manage utility consumption in real-time can also flag any potential issues relating to your home’s appliances, electrical, and more.
  • Are you worried about going over your monthly allotment on a prepaid energy plan? Fear not!
    • You’ll be sent an alert if your prepaid account balance dips too low or below a certain amount, giving you the ability to add more funds to tide your account over as needed until the next billing cycle begins.
  • Speaking of account alerts, your information is always within reach. Depending on your preferences, you can receive account information via your Smart Meter display screen, email, interactive text messaging, or by accessing your online account portal.
    • Customer care representatives are also always available 24/7 to address your questions or concerns.
  • In addition to analyzing your home’s Smart Meter data to develop customized cash and energy-saving tips, Now Power Texas associates are always rolling out new and exciting promotions, deals, and incentives to save you even more money.
  • Promotions like the “Free Nights Plan” and “Smart Balance 30” promotions work to do just that—keeping more cash in your pocket while providing utility services you can rely on, worry-free.
  • The best part about Now Power Texas and their superb services? Prepaid power plans are available with something for everyone in mind—including options for NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO long-term contracts to lock you into anything.

Stop wasting time and energy by wondering, “When can I change electricity provider services?” and make it happen!

Call, email, or fill up the form and get connected instantly with a customer care representative from Now Power Texas.

Start saving and feel good about your Now Power Texas plan today—we’re here to save you money with the most affordable, reliable plans in the state—sign up with NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO long-term contracts!