If anything can be said about Texans, it’s that they are super proud of their state. Especially those who consider themselves “native” Texans. It’s been said that the shape of the state is the most quickly and easily identified – even by those of another county. Yes, Texas is an icon for sure.

Quotes regarding the vastness, and the uniqueness of Texas are abundant. But here’re just a few.

  • “Rich, poor, Panhandle, Gulf, city, country, Texas is the obsession, the proper study, and the passionate possession of all Texans.” — John Steinbeck
  • “Texas is a blend of valor and swagger.” — Carl Sandburg
  • “I love Texas because Texas is future-oriented because Texans think anything is possible. Texans think big.” — Phil Gramm
  • “Texans ignore ‘better,’ long ago forgot the useless word ‘good.’ Everything in Texas is ‘best.’” — Edward Smith

However, for all its swagger and big-thinking and best-dreaming, the Texas winter of 2021 nearly brought the great state to its knees. If you were there, you well remember how devastating it was. Three winter storms came through the state in the month of February 2021. Frigid temperatures, power outages, water systems compromised, all worked together to cause the worst energy infrastructure failure in the history of the state. Millions of homes and businesses were left with no power. Hundreds of citizens lost their lives in the crisis.

It’s the goal of Now Power to see to it that such a crisis is never repeated. Now Power has several plans in place to avoid future Texas winter disasters. One of the ways is giving their customers the choice between prepaid electricity rates or postpaid. Texas is one of the few states that have prepaid electricity which means as a Texas resident you are given that choice.

Smart Meter (Now Power)

Add to that, the incorporation of a Smart Meter (Now Power). The Smart Meter (Now Power) is an electronic device that is installed in your home. The devise is designed to track and monitor the flow and use of electricity. You are able to see this data as it is displayed. The Smart Meter (Now Power) also sends the data to the utility company for billing and monitoring. This is a method by which users can track and then conserve power
But you may be wondering what exactly the difference between prepaid electricity rates is or postpaid. Let’s take a look to give you a clearer understanding. That way you can make an informed decision for your own home or business.

Postpaid Electricity

Postpaid is the form we’ve been accustomed to for years. At the close of a certain period of time (usually a month) the electricity bill arrives showing what has been used, and the amount of payment that is due the electric company.

However, it can be more difficult for the customer to track the usage with a postpaid plan. Because this plan doesn’t come with the Smart Meter (Now Power) feature, this could lead to higher numbers on that monthly bill.

The postpaid plan may require things like:

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit checks
  • A monthly deposit
  • Late or partial payment fees

Prepaid Electricity

The prepaid plan differs from the postpaid in that the customers pays for their energy consumption ahead of time. The bill is paid before the usage occurs. This allows the customer to track and conserve power for the environment. And results in money savings as well. No deposit is required. The prepaid energy plan encourages customers to cut down on their power usage and the prepaid electricity rates are lower in comparison.

Customers who monitor their usage can adjust to fit their own budget. The family can cut down on electricity if the account balance becomes too low or the usage is tracking on the high end. This allows the customer to have more control.

Below is a list of more of the pros regarding the prepaid plan:

  • DON’T need an SSN (Social Security number)
  • DON’T need a credit check
  • DON’T need a deposit
  • DON’T have monthly bills and no late fees
  • Only need a one-time payment to activate the service
  • Have auto-pay options and online account management
  • Have variable and fixed rates available
  • Only have terms of service fees (depending on your provider)

Thus far, you are no doubt thinking that prepaid is better than postpaid. But let’s dig a little deeper.

Smart Meter (Now Power)

Mentioned earlier, the key to the success of the prepaid electricity plan is the Smart Meter (Now Power). Here’s why.

This electronic device records energy consumption. The meter does so in intervals of an hour or less. This usage information is sent to the utility providers for monitoring and billing.

The Smart Meter (Now Power) uses a wireless network which is similar to the Wi-Fi network used by a computer. Now the electric company knows how much power your household is using and when.

And here’s the neat part. You will have a display in your home showing you the very same information. Now you can see your power usage in real time. It’s not difficult to imagine how that information will help you manage your power usage and create a workable budget. This process is also known as “pay as you go.”

States that have prepaid electricity along with Texas, number over thirty. They are mainly in the Southeast but gaining momentum in the Midwest, especially in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. And after reading this you may be convinced that prepaid is better than postpaid.

Avoid a Repeat

The 2021 Texas Winter was a horrific disaster, and Now Power is currently taking positive steps to avoid a repeat. Contact us to see exactly how you and your family can take part in these crucial prevention measures.