Nowadays, a significant concern for most is their energy consumption, whether to save money or to save the environment. As you scour the internet looking for energy-saving tips, you run across information about your smart thermostat. You may begin to wonder how much can smart thermostats save you   off the electricity bill.

Let’s take a look at this energy-saving tip, and see how a thermostat can become an energy-saving thermostat.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

A thermostat, hanging somewhere on a wall of your home, allows you to set your home’s temperature. It’s displayed in a prominent area most of the time and acts as a control panel for your heating and your air conditioning system. A step above a regular thermostat is a programmable thermostat that allows you to make a schedule, and the temperature will adjust automatically based on the time of day.

Smart thermostats distinguish themselves from among the regular and programmable lot by learning from the home’s inhabitants. Connected to the internet, not only do they learn, they can be controlled remotely, such as through a smartphone. Their display allows you to monitor not just the indoor temperature but outdoor temperature, humidity, and even energy-consumption all in real-time.

These thermostats learn based on the schedule you and your family keeps. By syncing it to your phone, you can allow the device to know when you’re out of the home and change the temperature. It will also learn when everyone is at home to adjust the temperature back to your most comfortable range.

Types of Smart Thermostats

There are two different varieties of smart thermostats available on the market. The first is the thermostat that learns automatically from you and adjusts the temperature on its own. The other offers an internet connection, which will allow you to control it remotely. Some of the best models available will fall into both categories.

The downfall of a smart thermostat is the expensive upfront cost. Some of the best models out there can fall anywhere in a range of $200 to $500 for the unit. Certain models may be accompanied by rebates of up to $125 through your power supply company, making it worth your time to check.

Will You Save Money?

The question you’ve been hoping to get an answer to, however, is whether you will save money through such an expensive purchase. The answer is that in the long run, yes, it will end up saving you money. Of course, the amount is determined based on various factors, but you can see roughly a savings of 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling. This percentage translates to a rough estimate of $145 saved in a year.

Here are some of the factors that will influence how much you see in savings:

• Current usage –how much you currently use will impact how much you’ll save. These factors include whether you turn it down for the night or when you’re out of the house.
• Costs in your region –Most likely, the costs from year to year will end up increasing, though that can also be based on the region of the country you’re located in.
• Season variations – the amount you’ll save will also change based on how the season feel. Some winters are warmer than others, and some summers are colder than others, which means you won’t use your AC or heating as much.
• Climate – the climate that you’re residing in will make a large impact. If you find your home is located in what’s called a temperate climate, one where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, you won’t save as much as someone who has to deal with drastic temperatures.
• The system – The insulation of your home and the HVAC system you have installed will play a huge role in the amount you save. Newer models will have a larger impact, rather than old, less energy-efficient models. It’s also essential that the unit is maintained as needed, such as through routine filter changes to prevent dirt and debris from clogging up the airflow.

Energy Plan

The plan you’ve worked out between you and your utility company may play a role in the amount you end up spending on your energy bill. Smart thermostats help determine the amount of energy you consume, which works great for prepaid electricity plans. Since you’ve paid upfront for a certain amount of electricity to get delivered to your home throughout the month, you can make sure you become more energy conscious with your smart thermostat.

NOW Power provides prepaid electricity to Texas customers who find themselves living in a deregulated area. A smart thermostat is a great addition to a prepaid electricity plan, helping you maintain the amount of energy you’ve used on heating or cooling your home.


Unlike a regular thermostat, a smart thermostat will learn from your family’s habits in order to provide the most comfortable temperature. Though some models also have remote control capabilities, the smart thermostat will know what you need ahead of time, learning your schedule. Turning down as you leave the house or go to sleep, the thermostat will help you save potentially hundreds of dollars.

A smart thermostat is also a great addition to a home that is currently on a prepaid electricity plan or looking to switch to one in a deregulated market. Such a thermostat will help determine the amount of electricity needed throughout the month and help you find ways to save. NOW Power works to provide the best prepaid electricity plan in parts of deregulated Texas. With the plans offered, a smart thermostat can only be seen as a great addition toward saving money and being more conscious about energy usage.