In deregulated regions of Texas, residents can reduce the monthly cost of their electricity bills when they decide to pay electric power plans. Retail energy providers that offer these affordable and convenient prepaid plans to customers enjoy greater cost savings annually while helping their clients cope more easily with the rising cost of maintaining a home.

With a prepaid electric plan from your provider company, you can pay for your electricity usage in advance, on a month to month electricity supply schedule. These innovative plans enable you, as the customer, to utilize the Smart Meter feature. This meter makes it possible for you to track the amount of energy your home uses each month.

By checking your meter, you can keep up to date with your account balance, easily depositing more funds when necessary to fund your monthly electricity bill. You can enroll in most prepaid electrical plans online, by completing a simple and easy application. Most pay-as-you-go electricity customer accounts allow you to deposit funds online, by phone or at convenient business locations in your area.

 Benefits Offered by a Prepaid Electricity Plan

The main benefits of enrolling in a pay-as-you-go electricity plan for a convenient monthly supply of electricity for your home include the following features:

  • No credit check is required.
  • No initial deposit of funds is required.
  • No personal ID or Social Security Number is required.
  • No contract or long-term commitment is required.

Consumers with pay-as-you-go electricity plans in Texas today no longer encounter the problems of complicated rules and high-priced rates for their monthly electricity usage. Customers pay in advance, depositing funds to cover their estimated use of electric power for the next month. They avoid the inconvenience of having to pay a security deposit when they open accounts for their prepaid plans as well.

However, many traditional energy companies require all account applicants to pay an initial security deposit to open customer accounts. This deposit can be retained by the company for an indefinite period of time. However, when you choose an easy-opening prepaid electric power account that does not require a deposit, you can keep this money to cover other household expenses.

 More Advantages of Having a Month-to-Month Electricity Plan

Additional advantages of deciding to open a month-to-month electric power plan for your home include the following:

Only Depositing Needed Account Funds. With a prepaid electric plan, you can deposit only the amount of money that you expect to owe for each month. By checking your Smart Meter, you can then determine if your no deposit electricity plans account usage will be more than anticipated by the end of any month. If your usage is more than you had expected, simply add more funds to your account to cover the total due.

Receiving Text or Email Alerts. Most prepaid plans for electric power accounts offer account protection services for customers. This enables account holders to postpone service disconnection for seven days or longer if their account balances fall below the monthly amount due.

Many pay-as-you-go electricity accounts for no deposit electricity plans also offers customers the convenience of receiving email and/or text alerts when their account balances are low. This can be of great help in keeping your account current during times of the year when you are especially busy.

Paying Exactly What is Owed Each Month. Many customers find it much easier to budget for household expenses each month when enrolled in a prepaid no deposit electricity plans account. Companies that provide traditional electricity service plans offer fixed-rate or variable-rate customer accounts. With a fixed-rate plan, you will pay the same set amount each month for your electricity usage.

A variable-rate plan charges different rates depending on the amount of electric current used. If your electricity usage includes running your home heating system in winter and your air conditioning in summer, your electric bill may increase significantly during these months of the year.

Greater Access to Green Energy Choices. Many pay-as-you-go electricity power providers today are using some eco-friendly equipment and procedures for supplying electricity to their customers. If you have the commitment to leaving a smaller carbon footprint during your household’s regular monthly energy consumption, you can opt for using these innovative green measures.

 Continuing Use of a Prepaid Electric Plan If You Move

If you have plans to move your residence to a new deregulated community or state and you currently use a prepaid electricity plan, you can open a similar account for your new location. Since your current plan involves no long-term contracts or security deposits, this is an easy process.

If you move away from your current city or state, just let your plan expire. Then, in your new city, town or state, simply sign up for a new pay as you go electricity account. There is no waiting time to open your new account and you and your family can begin enjoying your new source of power as soon as you move.

 The Innovative Prepaid Smart Balance 30 plan from NOW Power

When you enroll in the NOW Power company’s unique prepaid Smart Balance 30 plan, you will gain the following valuable benefits:

  • Savings per kWh
  • No Security Deposit
  • No Credit Check
  • No SSI (Social Security Identity Number) or Other ID
  • No Long-Term Commitment
  • No Termination Fee

With the use of Smart Balance 30, you will receive a 3-cent discount per kWh of power used if you maintain a minimum account balance of $30 or more. This will enable you to enjoy significant savings equaling $360 each year. Just by checking your Smart Meter, you can ensure that you keep this small balance in your account.

When you open an account with NOW Power, an excellent prepaid electricity provider in the deregulated regions of Texas, you will receive top-rated power supplies, cost-savings, and customer service. Your entire home will be well-powered for using all of your appliances throughout all seasons of the year. With the convenient, innovative Smart Balance 30 plan, you will deposit only the funds needed to pay your monthly electric bill.

You will enjoy impressive cost-effective power supplies from a well-respected company that will treat you as a welcome, valued customer, starting with the day that you open your account. Contact the experienced, friendly team at NOW Power today by phone, fax, email or on the company website at