It’s not a secret to any of us that the current energy market has not been kind over the last decade. Most of the wires and pole networks were modernized, and since then customers have assumed the costs.

Every month our electricity bills reach higher levels. Although we feel that as homeowners we’re doing things right, energy rates have increased significantly, which leaves us little room to save money. Thanks to this raise, we’re currently on a point where electricity has become the primary concern of living costs, without real short-term relief.

Surprisingly, with just a few changes in your lifestyle, you can save around $100 spent on electricity. Also, you will not get affected by these changes. Along with saving money, you will develop good green habits.

First of all: understand your energy usage

The savings depend on the location you’re living and the current climatic conditions, so to understand your home energy usage you need information beyond what you find on your electricity or gas bill.
For the potential savings, we suggest going for a professional home energy audit to get the necessary know-how of the areas and appliances your house is losing energy on and how their consumption changes throughout the day. Making smart energy choices vary with each house so to save most of the money, consider an audit.

Setting priorities

By having a concrete idea of what your energy consumption is, you can make intelligent savings decisions. Once you set your upgrade priorities -depending on which area and devices needs it- you can do the following:

Unplug your appliances when they’re on standby by using a power strip.
• Buy appliances with a good energy rating.
• Insulate your ceilings and walls.
• Seal your fireplace.
• Close all external windows and doors when using AC.
• Install ceiling fans.
• Switch to green energy.
• Replace your windows.
Seal air leaks.
• Plant shade trees.
• Install a programmable thermostat.
Turn off the lights when you don’t use them.
• Replace your fluorescent lights with efficient LED bulbs.
• Reducing AC usage when the climate is pleasant.
• Turn the heater off when not in use.
Fix leaky taps.

Make energy efficient decisions

Go ahead and hire a professional to help find the most cost-effective improvements! Making recommended upgrades could save you between 5% and 30% on your energy bill (an average of $100-$627 per year depending on the home, climate, products and use).

These actions and the clever use of home design elements will save you money that you can use in the things you want. Also, you can plan out your electricity plans as if you have significant consumption, choose an annual budget plan or else go for a prepaid plan to consume as much as you need. Other than that, be sure if you’re eligible for federal tax credits for renewable energy. Some expire later this year so plan your updates now. Happy savings!