NOW Power is available across the state of Texas in all deregulated areas. To find out if NOW Power is available in your area or sign up for service, please call 877-997-2946.
NOW Power offers a variety of plans to fit any budget. For a list of our plan offerings, please check our Residential Electricity Plans page, or contact customer service at 844-669-7697.
NOW Power does not require a credit check. Everyone is approved.
NOW Power’s Smart Meter Plan requires up to $75 for your initial payment. For more details, call us at 844-669-7697.
NOW Power offers initial payment assistance. Our deferment assistance program allows you to have your service activated with little or no upfront payment.

NOW Power offers a variety of plans. The price per kilowatt hour varies based on the plan. For current kilowatt hour rates by plan, please check our Residential Electricity Plans page or call 844-669-7697.

NOW Power offers a variety of promotions. For information on current promotions, please contact customer service at 844-669-7697.

With NOW Power, everyone is approved, so signing up for service couldn’t be easier. Just call 844-669-7697.

NOW Power offers “expedited” service for same-day or next-business-day activation for an additional charge.

In accordance with the TDU, we activate service Monday through Saturday with the exception of national holidays.

Our customer service hours are Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm; Saturday 8 am to 5 pm; Sunday 9am to 1pmCST.

You have several options. Payments can be made any time online by signing into your account, or you may call our 24-hour automated payment line at 844-669-7697. Other options include making a payment at a NOW Power authorized payment location. For a complete list of those locations, visit our payment centers page by clicking here.

NOW Power fees vary by plan. For a complete list of fees, call 844-669-7697.

Yes, you have up to five days to pay the past due amount in full before your service is permanently disconnected.

With a Smart Meter Plan, you can be re-connected anytime within normal business hours.

Of course! Pay as you go with the NOW Power Smart Meter Plan. Everyone is approved with no contract, no credit check, fast re-connection, and a low minimum payment. Plus, NOW Power will keep you up to date with paperless billing such as text and email alerts.

Contact our customer service department and ask about our payment plan options, which include our deferment assistance program.

You have up to three business days to cancel your service if you are switching providers. With NOW Power there is no term. Simply pay off your final balance and you are free to switch. Best of all, you can come back any time.

Once your move to NOW Power has been completed, you may contact your previous provider to request a refund of your deposit. Please review your current provider’s standard Terms and Conditions for specific answers.

Some city ordinances require that an inspection and/or permit be acquired before electrical service can be activated. You will need to contact your local city inspection or permit office to request this service. Once the inspection/permit is completed, the city will contact the TDSP assigned to the area and provide a copy of the inspection/permit. The TDSP will then complete your move-in request.

NOW Power’s Pay-As-You-Go Electricity Plan offers Texas residents with Smart Meters a fast, easy way to purchase prepaid electricity for their homes and businesses. You simply pay as you go. $o deposit. No I.D. No credit check. And no contract. That means the price you pay is not based on a forecast model. You pay the going rate.

Advanced Metering Systems (AMS), or Smart Meters as they are commonly called, are able to capture your electrical usage in 15-minute intervals and communicate that usage to our NOW Power team. Unlike old-fashioned electric meters that only measure total consumption, today’s Smart Meters show when the energy was actually consumed. This new technology can help Texas residents without a good credit score obtain energy quickly and affordably through our pay-as-you-go electric plan.

Yes. Peak energy usage is between 4-6 pm. Running dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers later at night will reduce strain on the power grid and keep the house cooler in summer.

It’s a unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (kW) of power expended for one hour of time. The amount of electricity you use each billing period is expressed in terms of kilowatt-hours and is noted on your bill. Most pricing in Texas is based on the kilowatt-hour.

Report all outages to your local transmission and distribution utility. Be sure to place their number into your cell phone before an outage strikes.
Since your computer will not be working during an outage, we suggest printing this information and keeping it where you can find it during an outage.

AEP Texas Central: (866) 223-8508
AEP Texas North: (866) 223-8508
Centerpoint Energy: (800) 332-7143
Oncor: (888) 313-4747
Sharyland Utilities: (956) 668-9551
TNMP: (888) 866-7456
Not sure which company serves your area? Look under the graph in the YOUR USAGE section on the back of your bill.

Yes. If you have a phone charger or hair dryer that is not being used, unplug it. This will lower your electricity costs. Anything you plug in not only uses electricity, it generates heat. So get in the habit of turning off lights, TVs, and other devices when you leave a room, especially during warmer weather.

Buying the most energy-efficient appliance is always a smart move. But you can make any appliance more efficient by being more efficient with how you use it. For instance, dry lighter clothing in separate loads from towels and other heavy materials. Dry loads back-to-back if possible, but remember to clean the lint screen between each load. It helps move moisture away from clothes faster. Don’t over-dry your clothing. Use the cool-down cycle to allow the clothes to finish drying with the residual heat in the dryer. Also, try throwing in a dry towel with your wet load to speed up drying time. Consider air-drying your clothing on clothes racks or lines.

In spite of what you may have heard, computers do not last longer if you leave them on. Turn off your computer, monitors, copiers, fax machines, etc. when you’re not using them. Set computers to switch to sleep mode when idle for more than a few minutes. This not only uses less energy, but will let the machine run cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning in your home or business.

Wrap the hot water tank with insulation. This is especially valuable for older water heaters with little internal insulation. Be sure to leave the air intake vent uncovered when insulating a gas water heater. Shortening shower time can also help. Simply reducing that lingering time by a few minutes can save hundreds of gallons of hot water per month for a family of four. Showers account for two-thirds of your water heating costs. Cutting your shower time in half will reduce your water heating costs by 33 percent.

If your attic is poorly insulated, consider increasing your insulation to up to R-38 to reduce heating costs by 5-25 percent. Whether you have a fixed-rate plan or a pay-as-you-go electricity plan, taking the time to increase your attic’s insulation is a great way to enjoy lower bills.

Plenty. Seal and caulk your windows, and consider adding storm windows for added insulation. In the summer, keep your blinds drawn to lower your air conditioning costs. In the winter open drapes and let the sun heat your home for free. Whether you have a fixed-rate plan or a pay-as-you-go electricity plan, well-sealed windows will lower your bill.

The new energy-saving bulbs definitely help to lower electricity costs. However, any light bulb is going to use energy, so the most energy-efficient thing you can do is turn light bulbs off. Make this your family’s practice: When you leave a room, turn off the light. This can mean big savings on your electric bill.