The ability to choose your power provider in deregulated areas of Texas is definitely a draw for those looking to live in the Lone Star state.

Electricity plans in Texas deregulated market typically come with competitive rates and exciting offers to entice new customers to join their utility company family.

If you’re looking for the best electricity plans in Texas to suit your budget and household needs, you’ll need to be armed with some helpful insight when making the selection.

What is Prepaid Electricity?

  • First, you need to know what the term prepaid electricity means, and then determine if it is the right fit for you when shopping for the perfect power provider.
  • Prepaid electricity, also referred to as prepaid lights, is a method that involves setting a pre-determined amount you want to spend on your electricity bill, and paying for that usage ahead of time, or before any power is used.
  • Prepaid electricity is an alternative to the more traditional postpaid electricity, which refers to the process of paying for your utilities at the end of the billing cycle, or after the power has already been used.
  • Prepaid lights customers use the electronic data recorded on devices called Smart Meters to track their consumption and make changes accordingly.
    • The easy-to-read data is available for analysis by both the customer as well as the utility company, who can utilize the information to develop extra cash-saving tips for the consumer.

Why is Prepaid Electricity a Smart Choice?

  • For many consumers, postpaid electricity works well, and they enjoy not having to feel as though they are monitoring themselves or others in their household too closely.
  • For others, prepaid electricity gives them the opportunity to scale back on their electricity usage habits to save money.
  • Prepaid power consumers can add funds to their accounts at any time, quickly and easily through their online account management portal.
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  • Prepaid power plans come with regularly rolled-out specials and promotions, including added savings for referring a friend, free nights of service, and much more.
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