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Trusted Power Company in Austin

You probably already know that Texas has a deregulated energy market, meaning customers who use retail electricity in Austin are not required to sign a contract with Austin energy providers. If a consumer has a smart meter, they can choose a Smart Prepaid Electric plan from the best power companies in Austin to pay as they go.

What is the mechanism behind it? Your chosen power company in Austin can utilize the smart meter number to create a new account remotely. Then, the Smart Prepaid Electric plan requires the consumer to pay for energy upfront. The account balance changes daily as the consumer uses energy. The user can always top it up by paying online, over the phone, through the mail, or at a payment center.

So, you have the advantage of living in Texas, Austen, which gives you the freedom to choose the company that meets your personal electricity needs. There is no such thing as the best electricity provider or best electric companies in Austin. To find the best prepaid electricity plans in Austin offers, look at different energy quotes and compare their pros and cons.

You could spend hours digging through information, but choosing a reliable electricity company like Now Power in Austin, Texas is the guaranteed method to get the best service. Plus, we offer special energy tariffs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Affordable Electricity Plans Austin

Pay-as-you-go electricity in Austin, Texas, is the program that notifies you of your account balance daily via text message or email. When your balance runs low, simply recharge your account online, by phone, or in person at a pay station near you.

There is no need for a credit check with prepaid electricity in Austin, which is required with traditional post-pay electricity programs. Plus, there’s no cancellation-penalty risk with Now Power.

Prepaid Electricity Plans in Austin, Texas

Many Austin electrical companies offer fixed-rate electricity plans billed at the end of the month, but you may be required to pay a deposit before service begins. If you need to pay a deposit for a post-pay plan but don’t have the funds, one of your best options is to sign up for a prepaid plan.

Everyone knows that paying in advance is the most convenient way to get your electricity. You prepay for a lot of things you don’t even think about, including your morning espresso, game tickets, and gym membership. Except that you’ll use your electricity plan!

This way, you also avoid a credit check. This is especially useful for those whose credit scores may have been negatively impacted. Whether you are living in an apartment temporarily, are an international student, have just graduated from high school, or have found yourself in a difficult living situation, prepaid electricity plans in Austin are the way to go for you.

With prepaid plans, you can track exactly what you are paying for. Plus, you have more control over your electricity when you pay for it upfront. With a prepaid electricity plan from a reputable city of Austin electricity company, you’ll have the power you need and the independence you want.

SMART BALANCE 30 Plan in Austin

As a responsible consumer, you have a right to more. That’s why Now Power offers a plan that can save you $3 per kWh if you keep your account balance at $30. That’s right; a $30 balance can save you up to $360 over a year!

Now Power’s Smart Balance 30 is a prepaid variable cost electricity option for responsible consumers who want to save money. We deliver electricity on your terms, with no upfront costs, no cancellation penalties, and no long-term commitments.

With the Smart Balance 30 plan in Austin, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Savings per kilowatt-hour
  • No security deposit is required
  • There’s no credit check
  • No SSN or identification card is required
  • There are no long-term commitments
electric company in austin

Free Nights Plan in Austin

To all of our clients in Texas, Now Power proudly offers the Free Nights Electricity program. You can purchase energy service without deposit, credit check, and long-term commitment with the Free Nights electricity option. Customers who wish to save as much money as possible without giving up the full comfort of their air conditioner or heater at night can consider Free Nights or Free Weekends energy plans.

Now Power offers free night electricity programs in numerous Texas cities, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. With our prepaid, no-deposit power plan, you can effortlessly switch from one electricity provider to another without any hassles.

Prepaid electricity plans come with several benefits, like no credit check, no deposits, and no hidden charges, and are designed for consumers who wish to save money on their electric bills.

Now Power Protection 12 Plan in Austin

Recent years have seen an increase in people working from home. Many have noticed a sharp increase in their electricity costs. The increased electricity consumption and associated expenses can come as a shock when you are no longer at home only in the evenings and weekends, but almost around the clock.

You can avoid these costs by signing up for a prepaid power plan that locks you into a low rate for an entire year. Now Power offers a prepaid electricity plan called the Now Power Protection 12 Plan that works just like this.

The Now Power Protection 12 Plan is one of the best electricity plans Austin has to offer, and it gives you the following benefits:

  • Savings per kilowatt-hour
  • No security deposit is required
  • There is no credit check
  • There is no need for SSN or ID
  • There are no long-term commitments
  • Fast and easy sign-up

Why Now Power’s prepaid electricity in Austin, TX?

If you want to avoid a large deposit and bill shock, you’ve come to the right place. With Now Power one of the best Austin power companies, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get your power back on. As one of the best prepaid electricity providers in Austin, we’re dedicated to providing everyone with an affordable and accessible electricity option.

When you buy your electricity in advance, you avoid a monthly payment and the unfair hidden costs that post-pay providers like to add to their bills. With the most trusted electric company in Austin”Now Power”, you simply have peace of mind and an alert when your balance drops below a certain level. Don’t worry if money is ever tight. We are ready and happy to help you keep the lights on.