Have you been wondering how to pick an electricity plan that works best for your budget? If so, you’re not alone!

Lowering monthly expenses is always a top priority for homeowners and renters, but many people don’t know that they can shop around for utilities.

That’s right—residents living in deregulated areas of Texas enjoy the ability to choose their own power provider. “Deregulated” means an area where, instead of one company dominating all of the regional business (known as a monopoly), citizens reap the benefits of a competitive energy market.

When electricity companies must compete for business, the result is better rates and services, along with several incentives put in place to entice customers. Lower prices and better deals work in your favor to help keep more cash in your pocket.

Now Power Texas, the top retail energy provider in the state, stands far ahead of the competition thanks to their unbeatable prepaid plans, rates, and superior customer service.

Tips to Choose the Right Electricity Plan for Your Home

To choose a prepaid energy plan that meets your needs, we’ve compiled the top seven tips to get you started on a path to power savings.

  1. Choose electricity plans that allow everyone to qualify. If you’re like many people in this shaky economy, your credit may not be in tip-top shape.
    • Now Power Texas ensures that everyone is approved—regardless of your credit score.
    • Plans are available for immediate enrollment—with options for NO credit check, NO hefty down payment, and NO SSN or ID requirements to worry about.
  2. Find energy plans that get your power hooked up quickly. Whether you’ve already moved in or will be very soon, you don’t want to find yourself waiting around in the dark.
    • When you sign up for one of Now Power Texas’s flexible power plans, you can have your utilities turned on as soon as the same day.
    • Depending on where you live, you could even have your service activated in as little as two hours—now that’s fast!
  3. Flexibility is key. Have you ever been locked into a long-term contract with a service provider? If so, you know just how inconvenient—and expensive—it can be to try to switch to a new company.
    • Luckily, Now Power Texas does not require contracts to lock you in for any period of time.
    • Without the burden of a binding contract, you can feel more at ease and free to control your finances accordingly.
  4. Look for a power provider with perks! Now Power Texas is always rolling out new ways for consumers to save even more money.
    • Promotions include the “Free Nights,” “Refer a Friend,” and “Smart Balance 30” offers.
    • These exciting offers are easy ways to stock up on account credits and save cash every month.
    • The “Smart Balance 30” promotion provides a discount for all customers who simply maintain at least a $30 account balance. That’s instant savings!
  5. Prepaid energy options. Now Power Texas is all about options. Customers can rack up even more savings by opting for a prepaid energy plan.
    • Traditional postpaid electricity plans are the most commonly known method for utility usage. Postpaid plans require consumers to pay for their power usage after the energy has been used, at the end of the billing cycle.
    • Prepaid electricity, on the other hand, offers customers the ability to pay ahead of time for their power—before it is even used.
    • This “pay as you go” method helps consumers to set aside a predetermined amount to spend on their utilities each month.
    • Prepaid electricity plans put customers in the driver’s seat, giving them control by monitoring their own household usage throughout the month, scaling back as needed to stay on track with their budget.
  6. Cover all your bases. In addition to providing dependable, affordable prepaid electricity plans you can really rely on, Now Power Texas offers a variety of prepaid plans for whatever you need.
    • If you’re unsure about which prepaid plan to sign up for, speak to a knowledgeable Now Power customer representative for all you need to know.
    • At Now Power Texas, there’s a plan and a reliable power solution for everyone.
  7. Seek out tech-savvy service. Now Power Texas is also at the top of their game when it comes to incorporating technology into the mix.
    • Customers can track their household’s power usage with Smart Meters, which are electronic devices that record and transmit a home’s utility consumption in real-time.
    • That data is available for the consumer to use to pinpoint areas for scaling back on power usage.
    • Additionally, this useful data can be analyzed by the Now Power team to develop cash-saving tips and tricks tailored to a customer’s individual needs.
    • Smart Meter data is displayed right on the easy-to-read monitor for consumers. The data is also sent electronically to the power company, as well as uploaded to each customer account.
    • Customers of Now Power Texas can log in to their account and view critical account information whenever they choose, in addition to receiving alerts when their account balance dips below a certain amount.
    • Funds can be added to your account quickly and easily to tide you over until the next month if and when needed—with Now Power Texas, there’s always a solution—and that solution will never break your bank.


What are you waiting for? Don’t get left in the dark. Sign up with Now Power Texas today and get hooked up with an electricity plan you can depend on—and actually afford!

Now Power Texas is ready and waiting to help you enroll in the prepaid energy plan you need.

Call, email, or fill-up the form and get started today—all with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN or ID needed for enrollment.